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Bersumber dari, Tuesday February 26, 2008 Making vanilla our next major commodity By IZATUN SHARI, SERDANG: Vanilla will be Malaysia's new major commodity, which is expected to help farmers earn a lucrative income. Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said efforts were being made to turn vanilla, which had been widely sought after in the food flavouring and fragrance industry, into a major commodity after rubber and palm oil because the country could tap the pure vanilla extract world market.

He said according to the International Trade Centre, only 30% of the vanilla world market comprised pure vanilla extract while the remaining consisted of synthetic vanilla extract, which was produced from chemical components. Currently, he said the pure vanilla extract world market was monopolised by Madagascar and Indonesia.

Therefore, he said, Malaysia aimed to focus on the production of world standard pure vanilla extract and become a major producer for the world market. "Efforts to introduce vanilla as a new crop will also avoid Malaysia's dependence on rubber and palm oil. We will be more prepared to absorb any fluctuations of prices of commodities in the global market," he said in his speech read by the ministry's secretary-general Datuk Dr Zulkifli Idris before opening a seminar on "Vanilla Malaysia for World Market" organised by Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and the Malaysian Herbal Corporation (MHC).

Muhyiddin urged state governments and relevant agencies to allocate suitable locations for cultivation of the crop while financial institutions should provide suitable financing plans for potential farmers interested to participate in vanilla contract farming project for the world market. He said by participating in the project, farmers would just have to focus on the production of high quality crop and there would be a purchase guaranteed contract, which guaranteed that their crop would be sold at a reasonable price.

MHC executive director Asmadi Md Said said MHC would introduce the contract farming to help farmers cultivate the crop in an organised manner and sell them to contract buyer, Vanilla Biometrix Sdn Bhd (VBSB), which would market the produce. He commended Sabah for allocating at a 404.7 ha site for the project under the Sabah Development Corridor.

Bersumber dari, 27 January, 2008, Vanilla - Sabah's next golden crop? Beaufort: Vanilla - widely used in confectionery, food and beverages - is emerging as another poverty-ridding crop in Sabah. In fact, vanilla brings a return of RM96,000 per acre, compared to jatropha and oil palm which is about RM6,000 and RM6,200, respectively. This is based on tests done at the Rural Development Corporation's (KPD) vanilla nursery and demo plot in Lumadan since last August, which proved that the crop is suitable and can also be reproduced by hand pollination.

The 100-acre demo plot is an initiative of KPD, entrusted with introducing, promoting and marketing vanilla in the State. With seedlings bought from a peninsula-based company, Rentak Timur, KPD has to date produced 70,000 plantlets for distribution to farmers. Its production is expected to reach a quarter million plantlets this year.

These plantlets are meant for assisting poor rural farmers through contract farming introduced by KPD, besides for private individuals interested in venturing into vanilla cultivation. For a start some 200 poor farmers will get involved in the contract farming, and this will later be expanded to 600 farmers. KPD has also had a tremendous response for supply of the plantlets from individual commercial farmers.

Agriculture and Food Industry Minister Datuk Abdul Rahim Ismail who was satisfied with the achievement during his visit to the nursery and demo plot Saturday, said it has raised the confidence among State leaders and people, particularly in assisting the Government's objective to eradicate poverty in rural areas.

"This is important because 70 per cent of the rural community are involved in the agriculture sector," he said. "I think the vanilla industry has great potential in Sabah, based on briefings given on the success achieved at this nursery and demo plot. It gives enough confidence to all that this industry can be a success." Still, he said there is need for a change in the mindset of rural farmers, because new crops and technologies would be a waste without it.

Abdul Rahim also said the success of the vanilla cultivation is also considered a milestone in KPD's recovery effort. Vanilla is among several core businesses identified under the recovery plan made for KPD which was among ailing agencies five years ago. The other core activities include goat breeding, mushroom and wild honey cultivation.

Rahim was accompanied by his Assistant Datuk Bobbey Suan, Permanent Secretary Datuk Gregory Joitol, State Finance Secretary Datuk Mohd Yusof Kassim, KPD General Manager Datu Basrun Datu Mansor, State Agriculture Director MC Ismail Salam and State Dovsai Director Datuk Haji Awang Sahak Salleh, KPD Project Manager Sri Juniarti Salam, among others.


Anonymous said...

I am Tanny Lee from Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Recently I visited a Vanilla plantation in Vanuatu while I was there for Jatropha business.I am in the process to bring in the 1 meter cuttings for my own planting and be a nursery provider too. Should you be interested in Vanilla planting, my contact is +6012 8834466 or We will bring in their expertise and have seminars. We lookforward for the downstream too, that is to extract the Vanillin. Looking forward to work closely with you and together we make Vanilla a success.

ban759 said...

saya ingin tahu dimana boleh dapat anak benih vanilla di kuching sarawak dan berapa harga sepokok?

ban759 said...

saya ingin tahu dimana boleh dapat anak benih vanilla di kuching sarawak dan berapa harga sepokok?