Monday, February 11, 2013

Vanilla Extract Power to Attract Men!


Have you know before about what makes Jennifer Love Hewitt is such as a magnet that can attracts the attention of many men? At the first time that I guest its because of her beauty, but not just because of her pretty face, Jennifer Love Hewitt as the Hollywood actress who is known also as a singer and songwriter is apparently has a hidden secret that had been in her bag to attracts the attention of many men. Vanilla extract is one of secret apparently.

The information that I got from the website of Hollywood Life, the scent of vanilla extract that has we know as flavor in baking ingredients is Jennifer Love Hewitt secret to attracts men. The aroma of vanilla that had we known also as an aphrodisiac since a long time.

Well, now what do you think? Do you want be like Jennifer Love Hewitt which able to attract men by use vanilla extract? She usually wearing vanilla extract on her neck. It is not so difficult to have Vanilla Extract since this product has sell by online or can be found in a gourmet shop, the product which familiar as flavor ingredients for the baking recipes from vanilla bean. Vanilla extract is also in great demand by the world's perfume industry where vanilla scented perfume demand is favorit such as vanilla ice cream.

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