Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Exotic of Vanilla Beans Plant


Grow vanilla beans plant in the garden at home and hope it will be coming vanilla fruit on someday? Since vanilla beans is the orchid family so start with my wife that I try to planting it on the garden pots about 1.5 years ago. At least when I do not have enough time to visit our center vanilla plantation in Bandung, West Java, I am still able to see this vanilla plant in my wake up on the morning at home garden.

So when some of you still in thinking if is it possible to grow vanilla beans at home? The answer is yes as long as we have some patient since take care the vanilla beans plant was such as a baby on the first year in planting period. What the material that we need to do this vanilla planting project was just good healthy of vanilla plant cutting, gardens pot or container, supporting pipe with coconut husk, good soil and sheep manure.    

There is many varieties of vanilla plant in the world, the variety that we have called Planifolia as we know with the commercial name also Bourbon Vanilla, but because this Planifolia planting in Java so I am more happy and comfort to said it by the name of Java Vanilla Beans. The next question is, can vanilla plant on the gardens pot will having the flower and result vanilla beans fruit such as the vanilla plant in our center plantation? I will keep the updated news and picture on this blog.  

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