Thursday, July 4, 2013

Vanilla Beans Price 2013

Is it true if vanilla beans prices will be rise on the year 2013? As a vanilla bean farmer in Indonesia is certainly a good news if it happens, but it is a folly as a vanilla bean farmer when expect the vanilla price increases will be as good with vanilla prices that happened in the past 10-year period ago when Madagascar as we known as the biggest vanilla producer in the world got hurricane disaster in which almost destroyed the existing vanilla plantations.

Indonesian current condition, only a small of farmers are interested now in planting vanilla, on the other hand where vanilla bean is actually as a spices that includes primary commodity world, the low vanilla price was makes many farmers in Indonesia are more reluctant and less and less to cultivate vanilla beans. Vanilla plants maintained such as wild plants in Indonesia and many farmers destroy their vanilla plants.


Let’s try to think in simple, a dwindling supply as a result of reduced production of vanilla farmers in Indonesia then make the second most expensive spice commodity in this world has a price in the end. In fact, from the past until now after Madagascar as the world's largest vanilla bean producer restored plantation where vanilla prices remained stable in the range. In Indonesia, the price is also primarily due to the absence of many exporters act naughty in the past in addition to harvesting the fruit is still young and mixing vanilla beans with a foreign object such as eel, nails and miserly so damaged the image of Indonesian vanilla bean on the world market.

Let's be Tough and Smart Vanilla Farmer! The vanilla farmers whose not thinking and just be done to gain a moment where not long after in a matter of months will declare commodity prices have not grown. Remember, the world's vanilla bean is a primary need! Let's be Tough and Smart Vanilla Farmer! The vanilla farmers who always think long term about how to get stable supply capabilities so as to meet the needs of the market demand and commitment to the customer satisfy!

Moreover, since consumer awareness in Europe and America increasingly appears to no longer use the product imitation vanilla or artificial vanilla, vanilla bean production in the world today which only about 3000 tons per year and almost 80% of them are Madagascar production as the country's largest producer of vanilla bean in the worlds, the real needs of the world demand about vanilla bean itself when no longer use imitation vanilla products is expected to reach 19,000 tons per year!

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