Friday, November 1, 2013

Bourbon Vanilla Beans in Java, Indonesia

For all of you that already familiar with vanilla beans, Bourbon is the famous brand of vanilla beans in the world. But what is Bourbon actually? Is it Bourbon as a brand of vanilla beans? If Bourbon is a brand of vanilla beans, how about Bourbon Whiskey? As mine interested to know more about it and share with you.

Search on google, Bourbon actually is the name of Madagascar islands which on today the island knows with the name as Reunion islands. Souce from Wikipedia, the history of vanilla beans in Madagascar begans when French entrepreneurs in the year of 1891 was shipped vanilla fruits to the island of Bourbon and Mauritius in hopes to produce vanilla beans in there means outside Mexico.

Well today vanilla plant currently already grown globally, all of which derive from a species originally found in Mesoamerica, including parts of modern-day Mexico. The various subspecies are Vanilla planifolia (syn. V. fragrans) which grown in Madagascar, Réunion, and other tropical areas along the Indian Ocean such as we in Java, Indonesia.

Yes, Vanilla Planifolia is the majority of the world vanilla variety which more commonly known as Bourbon Vanilla after the former name of Réunion, Île Bourbon or Madagascar vanilla which is produced in Madagascar and neighboring islands in the southwestern Indian Ocean and in Indonesia.

But why Bourbon Vanilla Beans become famous vanilla beans in the world more than Indonesia Vanilla Beans even the vanilla variety is the same? Well, different condition with Bourbon Vanilla Farmer, maybe it is still not many Indonesia vanilla farmers who care about patient in vanilla and how curing technique of vanilla beans after vanilla fruits harvest. This the reason of why I think even the vanilla variety of Madagascar Vanilla is same as Indonesia Vanilla but the world already know if the quality of Bourbon Vanilla much better than Indonesia Vanilla.
Other problem is more many vanilla bean traders in our country rather than vanilla bean farmer until this days, farmer got cheap vanilla bean prices so they did not have high motivation to keep the vanilla plant grow up as prospect and primary spices commodity in the world. Looking for Bourbon Vanilla Beans in Indonesia? Ups I means Vanilla Planifolia as the same vanilla variety which planting in Madasgacar, Bourbon Vanilla Beans in Java, we are not the first of vanilla bean farmer but try learns to be the best in vanilla beans quality!  

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